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University Farm Residents
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2015 University Farm Events

  • Neighborhood Garage Sale - Friday, June 5th and Saturday, June 6th
  • Ice Cream Social - Sunday, August 9, 6-8pm
  • Halloween Fest - Sunday, October 25th, 3-5pm (Rain Date: October 31st, 3-5pm)
  • Lights and Luminaries - December 12-13 & 19-20

University Farm is a friendly, well-established neighborhood in West Lafayette, Indiana. Named for nearby Purdue University, which owned the land on which the neighborhood stands, University Farm has grown from a single lot in 1981 to nearly 580 homes today. Residents enjoy quiet tree-lined streets, two beautiful parks and ready access to shopping, bus routes and the West Lafayette Trails Network.

The University Farm Neighborhood Association (UFNA) seeks to develop and enact programs to enhance the integrity, beauty and quality of life in the University Farm neighborhood. We always welcome input and participation, so please feel free to contact one of our officers or board members with your questions, or attend an UFNA meeting.


Dawn sky over University Farm, January 2008
Dawn sky over University Farm, January 2008

The University Farm neighborhood encompasses most of the properties bounded by Kalberer Road on the north, Salisbury Street on the west, Soldiers Home Road on the east, and Cumberland Avenue on the south. The links below show maps of the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

The West Lafayette city government site also provides a useful map of West Lafayette neighborhoods.


Neighborhood Association vs. Homeowners Association

A neighborhood association, like UFNA, is a group of neighborhood residents who volunteer their time to advocate for or organize activities for the residents of their neighborhood. They desire to make changes and improvements in areas such as neighborhood safety, beautification and social activities. They may collect dues and elect leaders. A homeowners association, however, is a group of property owners who have the ability to legally enforce rules and regulations that focus on restrictions and building and safety issues.

Mailing address

University Farm Neighborhood Association mailing address:

P.O. Box 2787
West Lafayette, IN 47996

Please note the ZIP code is not a typo -- it is not the usual 47906 common to most of West Lafayette. Any correspondence for UFNA should be mailed to this PO Box, unless otherwise requested. Thank you!